• Kisigula, Kampala-Uganda
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  • info@eavisualarts.org

We embrace diversity, dignity and difference in our staff artists and audiences


A society of freedom for LGBTI individual, where everyone is treated equally, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation or gender identity.


To promote Social inclusion, openness and safety, through visual documentation, Media trainings, Research, capacity building, public engagements, screenings and debates.


  •  To create visibility and increase understanding of LGBT communities in Africa.
  • To document the lives and works of Minorities in East Africa. (Telling our own stories, in our voices)
  • To Increase the technical and communication skills of Minority communities all over East Africa enabling them to document their lives and struggles in their own voices.
  • To generate research, and analyze data on the understanding of the lived realities of LGBTI persons, and tracking media representation. To enhance knowledge and combat transphobia and homophobia in public spaces.
  • To empower LGBTI individuals with skills in Human rights violations documentation, to generate evidence based campaigns to advance Human rights.


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