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We embrace diversity, dignity and difference in our staff artists and audiences

EA Visual Arts Career-Development

Cinema Ku’Dembe

Uganda’s first International Human Rights Film Festival – Cinema Ku’Dembe, is a platform of cinematic art and critical discourse, a space of encounter….

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Arts and advocacy

As humans, transgender individual artists enjoy rights enshrined in national laws and international instruments on freedom of expression,….

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Media Advocacy

We strategically use mass media to influence decision-makers through media outlets that matter such as newspapers, radio, television, and social media.

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Our Welfare Projects

Visual media train...

In this project we provide trainings to LGBTI persons and youth in media, we train on how to operate...

Talent building an...

In this project we train LGBTI persons in acting, drama, painting and Arts, as means to create Jobs ...

This project focus on the lived realities of transgender persons, living in unwelcoming environment,...

Out in the cold. E...

When Justice is denied to innocent Ugandans and the laws go silent, families and friends turned enem...

The lived realties of sex workers in Uganda. The police violation of sex workers. Every media goes ...



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