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Defining social Justice

  Being a social justice advocate means trying to educate people, informing policies and creating a shift in group culture that will make institutions more accessible to people of all backgrounds or least of a particular background for which you’re advocating or even simple definition is Equity. What is equity verses Equality? Equality simply means

Ugandan transgender men fighting sexism

Shawn, a young transgender man, was sitting in a public minibus in the Ugandan capital, when an old schoolmate boarded and started loudly calling him by his former female

Cleopatra Speaks out for transgender women in Uganda

Cleopatra Kambugu is a 27 year old Ugandan woman, biologically born male, but against all odds transitioning into the woman she knows she was born to be. Follow her as she questions gender identity, reshape attitudes and uncover the realities of a people whose existence has been shrouded in myth and prejudice. It’s an intimate

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