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Defining social Justice


, Defining social JusticeBeing a social justice advocate means trying to educate people, informing policies and creating a shift in group culture that will make institutions more accessible to people of all backgrounds or least of a particular background for which you’re advocating or even simple definition is Equity.

What is equity verses Equality?

Equality simply means the quality of being fair and Equality on the other hand means the state of being equal and when we look at these comparisons social equity simply looks at all people having access to success whereas social equality focuses more on possession of success e.g everyone gets an equal level of wealth or education or even happiness- equitable access to social resources n not possession regardless of identity or social group- social justice

  1. Do you think it’s possible for us to achieve social justice?

Yes- after all what the use of fighting? To achieve social justice


What’s oppression?

Oppression is the exercise of authority or power in an unjust. Oppression plays out between social groups when one group has power over another group’s access to that power

Let’s take 5 minutes and write down or think through things that come to your minds when you hear the word oppression. Cycle or model of oppression was defined by Sheri Schmidt

As a perpetual cycle where members of a society unknowingly or knowingly participate in advancing oppressive attitudes and behaviors in a manner that progressively builds upon itself, like a really depressing snowball rolling down a really depressing hill

This is an incredible way of looking at oppression because it helps us understanding how different elements of oppression interact and gives a better sense of why it’s prevalent from generation to generation.

To understand the cycle of oppression, let’s first discuss various components



A preconceived (set, prejudice, pre-determined) or oversimplified generalization about a group of people or particular identity. Stereotypes can be negative or positive. Can we think of any positive and negative stereotypes?

Example: negative -Girls are bad in sports positive – boys are good in sports

Take five means to write down all stereotypes we can think of about a particular group

Therefore in the cycle of oppression, stereotypes serve as the basis for our formation of


like a stereotype a prejudice is a preconceived or over simplified generalization about a group of people or a particular identity and what separates the two is that a prejudice is a conscious (mindful, aware) or subconscious negative or otherwise limiting belief about a group

Example: Women aren’t capable of making successful bosses yet we all know qualities that make a good boss.

Therefore continuing the, when an individual knowingly or unknowingly acts on their prejudicial belief, we get


Discrimination occurs when an individual has prejudice and power and uses that power to unfairly deny access to or limit some one’s ability obtain resources because of that person’s identity. Discrimination happens on an individual level- from one individual to another and not from group to an individual. Give examples of discrimination?

When a social group discriminates from another social group, we get:;;


As talked about from the beginning of this chapter, discrimination is essentially oppression at an institutional or societal level. An example is? When a laws that deny transgender person access to employment or even access to health care

And when an individual grows up with those oppressive perspectives, we get

Internalized oppression

This happens when members of a target group are socialized into supporting and believing the oppressive belief. Stereotypes and prejudices about a given person or group i.e identity they posses

Example: When a girls are made to believe that they are bad in sports and they don’t try sports because of the belief

When individuals internalize the oppressive beliefs about themselves and then act in ways that support and reinforce those oppressive beliefs, we get

Stereotypes-second generation

A girl who thinks they are bad in sports won’t try out because she knows she’s bad in sports ends up being bad in sports and this will leave gaps for girls participating in sports

Transgender people who belief they are worthy of employment (because they know something about them is unsuitable for the work place) and therefore don’t look for legitimate work end up homeless and unemployed and Cisgender people laugh and think these people are incapable of doing anything

Another example is a woman who never asks for promotion because they know men around her a better suited for management position just because of the stereotype that we leave within,

Visual representation

Man: Your good at athletics (stereotype)

Daughter: No I think am good at hand ball

Mam: Honey your rather participate in athletic because Hand ball is for boys..pliz-Internalized oppression

Can you believe my mam thinks am good at athletics because she thinks hand ball is for boys-(prejudice)

We officially announce that girls in Mbale parents suck in handball-oppression

Can I get a cold drink pliz…sorry I can’t serve u-discrimination



For example you’ve been told that your unique, nobody is like you yet at the same time, you have been told that someone else will be like everyone else in a particular group based on their membership in that group(gay person will be like gay people) so which is true?

You at basic level is a combination of dozens of identities that merge to form one unique individual, some of these identities were granted to you at birth like race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality others were imposed or ascribed to you as a child i.e. socio-economic status, geographical location, education whereas some are your choice throughout life i.e. religion, hobbies career and some aren’t E.g. Disability status, identities falsely assumed of you Others.

Take all your identities, add them up and that’s you- we need to know that we are not one ingredient, we are unique flavor that could only be created by a combination of all your ingredients and if that ingredient is one we’ve heard bad about, we may probably never taste them and learn their new flavor