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The program focus is to empower LGBT organisation leaders and members with practical skills to make use of visual media to confront existing discrimination. Accurate coverage of LGBT stories is just as important and fundamental as of any other community.

LGBT persons are taught how to use basic equipment for documentation and video-making. To develop skills in capturing stories, staying safe online and translating stories into evidence-based advocacy strategies, raising awareness on what is happening on ground, for immediate action.

The program empowers individuals and communities with self-sustaining skills thus a resilient and independent movement to advance social Justice.

Strategic approach.

  •  Networking with 35 LGBT led organizations.
  •  Practical training’s in visual documentation and information sharing on social media as a tool for activism.
  • Developing and distribution of visual documentation and safety guidelines.
  •  Institutional, technical support for LGBT organisation.
  • Free access to our visual media Lab by members of LGBT community.

This program benefits LGBT led organizations and members of the LGBT community who don’t subscribe to any organisation.

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