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About Us

The East African Visual Arts

Eava Artists is an indigenous Human rights organisation fully committed to documenting,(filming, photography, audio recordings, graphic illustrations, Animation  art exhibition and archiving real-life stories from individuals and organizations) To build support for causes and influence others to take action that ensures policy commitments ,there are translated into action that reaches intended beneficiaries.
We embrace diversity, dignity and difference in our staff artists and audiences.
Our work affirms the visibility, dignity and rights of sexual and gender minorities.

Who We Are

To promote a non-violent culture, promote human rights through, visual arts, by holding public exhibitions, film festivals/screenings, research, documentation and capacity building.

A community where sexual and gender minorities have a right to freedom of expression and association.

  • To create a platform   for marginalized visual Artists to use art as a tool for activism, to create a culture of respect for all.
  • To build support for causes and influencing others to take action and ensuring policy commitments are translated into action that reach intended beneficiaries.
  • To build strategies for advocacy and human rights documentation, empower communities with skills in documentation and report Human rights violations.
  • To Increase the technical and communication skills of Minority communities all over East Africa enabling them to document their lives and struggles in their own voices.
  • To create visibility and increase understanding of Minority communities in Africa by creating comprehensive archive of media produced and exploring the African Minority experience.
  • To carry out research, consultancy, provide education and information crucial to the realization of human rights for marginalized
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